Prof. em. Brantly WOMACK, PhD

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Brantly WOMACK is Professor of Foreign Affairs emeritus of the Department of Politics at the University of Viriginia, and a Senior Faculty Fellow at the UVA’s Miller Center. In 2023, he acted as the Boeing Visiting Faculty Chair in International Relations of the Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

He has published more than one hundred journal articles and book chapters on Asian politics, some of which were featured in World PoliticsWorld Policy JournalInternational AffairsChina QuarterlyPacific Affairs, and China Journal. His publications include China and Vietnam: The Politics of Asymmetry (Cambridge 2006); China among Unequals: Asymmetric Foreign Relations in Asia (World Scientific Press 2010); Asymmetry and International Relationships (Cambridge 2016); and, more recently, his book Recentering Pacific Asia: Regional China and World Order, which was published by Cambridge University Press in August 2023.

Among his research interests are asymmetric international relationships, the relationship of public authority and popular power in China, provincial diversification in China; domestic politics and foreign policy of Vietnam, and China’s relations with Southeast Asia.