Youlim KIM: Research topic presentation

Affiliated doctoral researcher Youlim KIM of the Research Training Group GRK 2833 “East Asian Futures” held a presentation on her research topic with the title “The Articulations of Unmarried Mothers in Korean Novels since the 1960s” at the international conference “Marginality, inclusion, and gender in Korea: past and present”. The conference was organized by the University of Málaga within the framework of the Academy of Korean Studies Research Project “Path to Equality: Korean Studies Network on inclusiveness” (AKS-2021-INC-2250002) and the R&D Project “The Path to Freedom in the Joseon Period in Korea: Slavery and abolitionism in the East Asian context” (PID2020-116910GB-I00) and took place on March 12–13, 2024 in Málaga.

Numerous presentations analysed the relationships between different processes of discrimination and integration of social groups within Korean society from a wide variety of different fields of study. The lectures were given by experts in these fields from the University of Málaga, as well as from other universities in different countries, such as South Korea, Japan, China, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Romania, India, Mexico and the United States. Youlim KIM held her presentation within Panel 3B “Social minorities in Korea. Aging and motherhood”, moderated by Sojin AN, Incheon National University, South Korea.

Further information on the conference may be found on the website of the University of Málaga. The conference schedule can be accessed there as well.