Equal Opportunities

The University of Duisburg-Essen and the Ruhr University Bochum consider it their mission to transfer knowledge to society. At the same time, they aim to integrate talented researchers into the academic and educational spheres, regardless of gender, socioeconomic background, and ethnicity. Empowerment and diversity are integral elements of equality in research. The RTG “East Asian Futures” stands by these principles and strives to create a research environment of equal opportunities for its participants.

The Research Training Group GRK 2833 “East Asian Futures” makes an effort to provide its participants with workshops and events raising awareness on discrimination, diversity, and inclusiveness, promoting career development, and leveling academic opportunities. This endeavour was kicked off with a RTG-organized Gender Workshop in December 2023. Moreover, it encourages the doctoral researchers to make use of the services for promoting equality provided by both unversities and by their strategic University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr), which, among other courses, offers an interdisciplinary qualification and networking programme for the different stages of academic careers, including doctoral research, postdoc phase, and junior faculty (junior research group leaders, habilitation candidates, and junior professors) at the Research Academy Ruhr (RAR).

Equal opportunity events at GRK “East Asian Futures”

Upcoming Events:

  • May 21–22, 2024: Workshop “Discrimination, diversity and inclusiveness: awareness training for academia“ (RTG-organized; trainer: Matteo Garavoglia)

Past Events:

Cross-graduate program services

Equal opportunity portal “Chancengleich” at Ruhr University Bochum

The RUB equal opportunity portal “Chancengleich” offers an overview of the activities and couseling services offered by the university’s central and decentral equal opportunities offices. The equal opportunies magazine “CHANCEN=”, tackling equality issues on campus, can be found here as well.

Visit the “Chancengleich” portal here (external link to chancengleich.rub.de) →

The Science Support Center’s equal opportunites homepage at the University of Duisburg-Essen

The Science Support Center at UDE offers services in regards to the support of female researchers, networking opportunities for international researchers, support for first-generation scholars, and couseling on various topics such as mental health and pursuing a doctorate degree with disabilites or chronic diseases.

Visit their homepage here (external link to uni-due.de) →

„Karriereentwicklung und Chancengleichheit in DFG-geförderten Verbundprojekten“ series

Together with the Department of Organizational and Human Resources Development at Ruhr University Bochum, the Collaborative Research Centres, Research Groups, Research Training Groups and Priority Programmes have developed a strategy for the career development of young female academics and for raising gender awareness in young academics, which is aligned with the university’s gender equality concept. The cooperation utilizes existing know-how and synergy effects.

The measures developed and executed in the series Karriereentwicklung und Chancengleichheit in DFG-geförderten Verbundprojekten (Career development and equal opportunities in GRK-funded joint projects) take into account the circumstances and requirements of female doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. The cooperation and the jointly implemented measures strengthen the interdisciplinary network of female researchers and lead to interdisciplinary exchange.

The current program (in German) is available here (external link to fortbildungsportal.ruhr-uni-bochum.de) →

RUB Research School

RUB Research School is the campus-wide institution of all faculties for the promotion of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers of Ruhr University Bochum. They offer complementary qualification beyond disciplinary borders, dedicated consulting, and a unique Research Around the World internationalization program. With this, they supplement the offers of 21 faculties so that RUB’s 4.000+ emerging researchers can benefit from an extensive range of support and services preparing them in the best possible way for a career in academia and beyond.

Visit their homepage here (external link to research-school.rub.de) → 

Research Academy Ruhr

Research Academy Ruhr (RAR) is the joint platform of Ruhr-Universität Bochum, TU Dortmund University, and the University of Duisburg-Essen for promoting early career researchers on their career paths in academia and beyond. Their offers are directed at the around 10,000 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers who are engaged in the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr).

Visit their homepage here (external link to research-academy-ruhr.de) →