Prof. Lin-Chun WU, PhD

© Wu

Lin-Chun WU is currently a professor of history at Taiwan Normal University. Her primary interests are modern China history and the postwar Taiwan-U.S. relations. She has been a visiting scholar at the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University and a Fulbright Scholar at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University.

Her newly published book Meiguo ren weijing de Zhongguo meng: Qiye, jishu yu guanxi wang (America’s Unfinished China Dream: Business, Technology and Networks), Taibei: Lian Jing, 2020, won the 10th Academia Sinica Scholarly Monograph Award in Humanities and Social Sciences. Other published books include Kuaguo jiaozhi xia de diguo mingyun: Jindai shi (The Fate of Empires under the Intertwining of Nations: Late Qing), Taibei: Lian Jing, 2024; Meiguo da qiye yu jindai Zhongguo de guoji hua (American Big Business and China’s Internationalization), Taibei: Lian Jing, 2012; Meifu shiyou gongsi zai Zhongguo, 1870–1933 (Standard Oil Company in China, 1870–1933), Xinbei: Dao Xiang, 2001 (revised simplified version, 2017); Lishi jiaoxue lilun yu shiwu (Theory and Practice of Teaching History), Taibei: Wu-Nan, 2003; and Meiguo yu Zhongguo zhengzhi: Yi nanbei fenlie zhengju wei zhongxin de tantao, 1917–1928 (American and Chinese Politics: A Study Centered on the North-South Division, 1917–1928), Taibei: Dong Da, 1996.

Her articles in English have appeared in the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, the Journal of American-East Asian Relations and others.